Nicolas Bon



I am a PhD student and engineer in Cryptography in CryptoExperts and in the CASCADE team of Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, under the supervision of Sonia Belaïd, David Pointcheval and Matthieu Rivain. My main topic of focus is Fully Homomorphic Encryption but I have a broader interest in anything cryptography-related and more generally in privacy-preserving technologies.

I am invested as well in various engineering missions within CryptoExperts, especially development, security audit and consulting.

Besides my scientific and engineering activities, I am also a teaching assistant in Université de Versailles, where I give courses about cryptography.

Selected Publications

  1. boolean_encoding.png
    Optimized Homomorphic Evaluation of Boolean Functions
    Nicolas BonDavid Pointcheval, and Matthieu Rivain